Cane Corso for sale

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso originated in Italy and can be traced back to ancient times. The colossus, a now extinct mastiff-type dog, is an ancestor of similar mastiff-type dogs. Its name is derived from the Italian word for dog, cane, and the Latin term cohors, which means “protector” or “guardian.” The Cane Corso is intelligent and hard-working, so it should not be difficult for this breed to learn. Despite its appearance, which some might find intimidating, the Cane Corso can actually be affectionate and gentle. This breed will bond deeply with its family and act as a protector with proper handling and socialization.

Characteristics: Intelligent, hardworking, active, training.

Size: Male: 24-27 in, Female: 20-23.5 in

Life span: 10 – 12 years

Colors: Black, grey, fawn and red.

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